Publishing: Academia vs. Industry

I recently attended a talk that compared and contrasted various aspects of academia to industry. While the talk dispelled a lot of the myths surrounding scientific research in industry, I thought the speaker's comments on publishing were most intriguing and worth sharing. Many people believe that in industry you do not, will not, or cannot publish. This is not the case. You do, will, and can publish BUT, unlike academia, your career does not depend on it. This means you only publish when you have something interesting to say that is worth sharing (and when the legal team says it is ok to do so) not because you need to to get tenure, grants, etc. While papers have been and probably will continue to be the currency of academic research for some time, I think academia could learn from the industry model. It seems as if every day a new case of scientific fraud is being uncovered and the pressure to publish and publish often is a contributing factor. I am not sure how to break the tight link between publishing and success in academia, but as research becomes more translational and labs become more business-like, hopefully the publishing habits can become more industry-like as well.