Blogging Beginnings

Who knew would already be taken and used to post ~6 snowboarding pictures. I will have to settle for the .co for now.

What prompted this blog?

Recently I have attended two separate talks where the take home advice was that I needed to increase my web presence. While I have been on Facebook since 2005 and have a fully functional LinkedIn, my Twitter page is barely used and the idea of a blog seemed a little overwhelming. What do I do that people want to read about? I began thinking how I could make this work in a way that would make sense for me and here is what I have come up with.

I will share what I learn as I navigate breaking into the life science industry in Seattle. Recaps of talks, posts of articles, whatever I find helps me I will share here to hopefully help you too. And adventure? We all need a work life balance and while I am not sure anyone actually knows what that means this site will also give those looking to get out of town some inspiration and it will remind me that I do have a life outside of work whenever I am feeling a little trapped. So...stay posted and hopefully you enjoy!