GR20 Day 9

9/13/2013 – GR20 Day 7 Carozzu->Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu according to Jamie

5 miles (8k), 3,500 feet gained (1500m), 2,500 feet lost (750m), 6 hours and 30 minutes

The alarm didn't go off this morning. Instead I was hungry and ready to go. We ate breakfast before packing up, which is something Ryan has been waiting the whole trip to We finally left camp around 8am and began the trek uphill. The climb was tough and I was immediately happy that we had doubled up on Day 8 to keep 9 and 10 short and easy. After an hour and a half we had made it to the col and began our traverse. The views were stunning and the weather was great. We made good time moving from one side of the ridge to the other. Since food was low we never stopped long for snacks. Again, we saw Calvi below tempting us with its blue waters. 

 Mountains and Mediterranean 

Mountains and Mediterranean 


After finishing the traverse we had a long rocky way down. As people began to pass by in the other direction I started to notice that they actually smelled good, freshly showered. Oh how good that will feel in less than 24 hours! 

Excited for Calvi!

We made it to Mandriaccia and were sad to find that the bergerie where we had hoped to aquire lunch was nothing more than a skeleton. Luckily, Piobbu was close. However, upon arrival the guardian was nowhere to be found. We picked a premium tent (not in the bug filled forest) and waited with empty stomachs. We discussed leaving and heading to Calenzana. With no food we couldn't spend the night at Piobbu. Just as we were about to pack up the guardian appeared. Apparently, he doesn't open until 3:30pm. We quickly got in line to pay for camping and meals and also grabbed the traditional 50cl Pietra and a couscous. The couscous was delicious! We then hung out by the tent (which has a table!) and chatted about our favorite parts of the trail. Yves (who we met previously) is here too so we caught up with him. Anyways, waiting for dinner now. Ready to hike downhill to Calenzana tomorrow!

Sunset from Piobbu

Relaxing at sunset