GR20 Day 4

9/8/2013 – GR20 Day 4 Bocca di Verdi->Vizzavona according to Ryan

18 miles (30k), 3,100 feet gained (955m), 4,700 feet lost (1320m), 9 hours 

Last night was really amazing. After an unexpectedly difficult day we were able to shower and eat well in a nice campsite and so we woke up well-rested to take on today's challenges. At breakfast we met up with our new Dutch friends Nienke and Jasper (wonderful by nature) who we had sat with at dinner the night before and made good conversation with. After breakfast we finished packing outside and learned that we should expect storms for the day. Upon hearing that Nienke and Jasper decided to join up with us for our "doubling up" to Vizzavona, foregoing their alpine variant. It was great to travel with them. Even though the day was our longest yet (mile wise) the conversation and lack of difficult terrain made the day go by really quickly. 

This is what happens when you run into a group gong the other way

Most of the morning to Capannelle was a pleasant trail that contoured through forested hillside that was somewhat strange considering there was very little underbrush - charming. Arriving at Capanelle we indulged (finally) in our cheese, bread, recently bought sardines, and a cold Coke. I could have stayed there much longer, but before long it was time to venture onward. 

Resting the feet


The second half of the day was also a very quick affair, although slightly less aesthetic, that is, until we crested a ridge and took site of N. Corsica's Monte d'Oro. It was so visually impressive and psyched us up for the next half of the trail. 


Me and Nienke hiking and chatting up to the ridge

Just before the descent

We made our way down to Vizzavona as our (maybe my) feet began to feel the day's pounding, but in due time we came upon town, with its picturesque hotel and train station. However, we are camping again at the ugliest campsite so far - feels like a dog park and everyone is crammed together. We are also not in our own tent anymore because I forgot to pack one pole (the only tent pole)! Luckily the guardian has tents for hire, so we are taking advantage of that. There were also showers and grande (finally) Pietras at dinner at Restaurant de le Gare. Dinner was ok...we would have all ordered the hamburger (except Nienke), but alas they sold out! Nonetheless, we enjoyed good company with Edmond, Nienke, and Jasper. It was sad to say goodbye to them tonight - but such is life on the road - perhaps we will meet up again (we did again on day 6). Tomorrow is another doubling up day and our first in N. Corsica as we have now passed the halfway point mileage wise. We're meeting up with Edmond at 7am to hit the trail hard.

Camping situation in Vizzavona